We are facilitators and trainers that build capacity and facilitate change. We lead large groups like conferences or organizations in a facilitated process, we convene teams or that help build community capacity to lead.  Using graphic facilitation and user centered design strategies we have led workshops on: transformative leadership, mobilizing, organizing, advocacy, digital activism, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and more. Whether its launching a new campaign or project, training organizational and community leaders in peacebuilding and leadership or advancing policy, Activate Labs facilitates change. 

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Transformative Leadership WOrkshops

Activate Labs launched its transformative leadership training in 2016 and has led over 200 workshops supporting leaders with resilience, assertive communication and conflict transformation. Activate Labs led the peacebuilding and transformative leadership training in Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico 2017-2018, Training more than 300 community members from 8 communities and graduating 16 facilitators in our Frame Design Process. 


The Beautiful Resistance

Activate Labs works with those directly impacted by violence and oppression around the world. The Beautiful Resistance Project was a response to the current political and social environment in the USA. We conducted 6 workshops in 2017 to support activists and community organizers in resilience.  In addition The Beautiful Resistance led nonviolent resistance actions at Standing Rock with the Palestine to the Pipeline Campaign, at the airports after the this administrations travel ban was established in January of 2017 and in Southern California communities after hate incidents took place. Activate Labs has also created a set of 16 posters and other art pieces to support activists and build a movement where art and social action merge.  

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The Frame Design Process

Over the last years Activate Labs has been developing a design thinking, participatory action research and popular education process to design, ideate and design peacebuilding and social justice interventions. Using embodied experiential activities and processes, those directly impacted by violence, oppression, and poverty now name their own problems, look for keys to resilience and build out interventions and campaigns designed and implemented by the community they are intended to serve.