Participatory Video and Photography

Participatory video and photography is a methodology with a series of tools that provides any community members with enough technical skills to plan, film, edit and screen a video or gallery walk on their own. Yet, PV and P is also a process in which power is shifted and communities are involved in a holistic and transformational way…in many ways the camera is a tool to spark up dialogue, reflection and empower those directly impacted by any issue, from climate change, stigma, community violence to youth resilience. The ideal PV and P process involves trainees belonging to a group or community who have the commitment and willingness to pursue a change based on their communities’ needs and not only their own. Even though the product (final video or photography series) is important, Participatory Video and Photography is more about the process than the product. However the final product is a powerful way to increase knowledge, shift attitudes and change behavior towards peace, justice and transformation.