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Bridges to Belonging: We are sanctuary Rapid Response to Migrant Caravan


Thousands of families have decided to do the unspeakable - leave their homes in Central America and all they have known to walk towards safety and freedom. Many have fled violence, oppression, and insecurity, yet each day the Migrant Caravan takes one step closer to the US Mexico border. The current US administration is now using the Caravan to criminalize and dehumanize migrants, sending soldiers to the borders, mobilizing anti-immigrant militia and using the media to spread hate speech and fear. We stand against this current administration’s policies of hate and division and seek to become the sanctuary for each other- building communities where we all can belong.

Activate Labs and a coalition of immigrants, the faith community, immigrant rights advocates and legal experts stand together as a welcoming force for refugees. Rather than be paralyzed by fear, Activate Labs is leading with hope and joy. Our Bridges to Belonging: We are Sanctuary Project seeks to deploy a creative force for peace and justice along the caravan, at US/Mexico border, and migrant intake and detention centers.

Our goal is simple - we will work alongside humanitarian and legal support and provide psychosocial and trauma-informed processes. We will be creating spaces for migrants and refugees to be their full selves, where they can tell their stories, experience healing through art, theatre and participatory video/photography. We have pioneered the Rapid Response: Trauma Healing Spaces where we hold space with migrants and center healing and community through art, participatory video/photography, theatre, and music. Next week November 17-21st. 2019 we are leading a team into the interior of Mexico to join the caravan, then join a larger coalition at the border to meet the caravan in Tijuana and in the Texas Valley. Finally December 17th we will be in Washington DC with a faith and community-based coalition to share stories and advocate lawmakers for policies that welcome refugees and create communities where we all belong.

Be a Bridge to Belonging and join us by taking the “We Are Sanctuary” pledge below to stay informed and learn about opportunities to join.

Ways you can help:

  1. Take the pledge - click the link below.

  2. Donate to help us cover transportation, materials, etc. whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.

  3. Share our campaign and story! Narrative change can only happen when people have access to these stories.

  4. Partner with us -- we are leading this initiative with organizational partners and individuals, we need your support as well.

  5. Invite other friends to join the fundraiser by reaching out to your network, share and post our efforts.

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