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Calling volunteer legal experts, peacebuilders and activists to join or donate in support caravan migrants and deported vets through Activate Lab's January 23-27, 2019 Week of Action in Tijuana, Mexico 

Activate Labs is hosting a week of action to another Rapid Response: Creative Trauma Healing spaces through 3 different efforts. 

  1. Participatory Video workshop with migrants to whom Activate Labs provided protective accompaniment from Southern Mexico - documenting their process of migration.  

  2. Advocacy and Participatory Video workshop with deported US veterans as part of a larger policy advocacy effort. We will be resourcing Vets with information, capacity building and technical support to produce their own short videos sharing their stories of deportation.

  3. Consultations with lawyers, law students, and immigration law professionals to provide migrants with information and opportunity to prepare for their imminent "credible fear" interviews, including finding and printing out necessary documents and materials to bolster their cases. (We will also be providing our call center to support migrants wishing to connect with their families in their home country.)

Activate Labs' mission is to build a creative force for peace and justice by activating and resourcing leaders and movements to create communities where everyone belongs and lead their own transformation. We are proud to partner with many groups on the ground in Tijuana and in the US. 

 For the Week of Action, we seek:

Volunteers available to travel to Tijuana for one more days Jan 23-27 and provide legal, social support, and Spanish-English interpretation services to the dozens of families that have fled persecution in their countries and wait to be called for their "credible fear" interviews in the subsequent weeks. Spanish language ability is a plus and we expect to have some interpretation capacity. We will provide an orientation for those without prior asylum law experience. We will help coordinate accommodations and transportation from the border, but do not plan on covering volunteers' expenses unless there is an expressed need and we have sufficient funding. If interested, please read and ensure your commitment to the Principles animating Activate Lab's work and then fill out form below.

Financial support for volunteer travel and other expenses, including “office supplies” for pop up consultancy office, PV equipment, and more. You can donate to the Facebook fundraiser here: or via our website here:

2. Follow us- on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to get event updates and ways to take action

3. Share our work! A huge part of our efforts is narrative change and countering the way mass media has dehumanized migrants. The more content out there that spreads positivity and empathy, the better.

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