Our Purpose

We envision communities where everyone belongs and lead their own transformation.

We will achieve this by activating and resourcing leaders and movements, and building a creative force for peace and justice.

Our team


Monica Curca

Founder, Managing Director

Monica Curca is a peacebuilder, facilitator, and community organizer leveraging storytelling and design to create communities where everyone belongs. She is the founder and director of Activate Labs. Monica’s passion is radical inclusion by democratizing information and processes. She specializes in using participatory processes and design thinking to support movements, organizations and grassroots communities as they collectively work to shift relationships, policy, narrative and culture towards peace. Monica holds a Masters Degree Sustainable International Development and a Masters Degree in Conflict and Coexistence, both from the Heller School for Social Policy in Management at Brandeis University.



Ethnobiologist, self taught photographer, filmmaker and participatory video & photovoice facilitator , Thor has worked in the American continent and Africa in projects where community needs are at the core, from environmental conservation in the Sonoran Desert, to cultural exchanges around leatherback sea turtles in the Guna Yala province in Panama. He’s been a participatory video facilitator for 7 years working in Northwestern Mexico, western and eastern Africa facilitating participatory video projects and experiences. He has an B. Sc in Biology but has devoted much of his career to support media initiatives in rural, urban and indigenous communities in their quest for a better future. Thor loves to spend time with his daughter, traveling, rock climbing and using audiovisual media to make a positive change in the world.