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We activate and innovate peacebuilding with movements and communities


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Activate Communities and movements

The Beautiful Resistance: art, media, organizing and activism.

Refugees Welcome Campaign and Project: Advocacy and Narrative shift.

PopUps For Peace: immersive public events and actions leveraging storytelling, innovations and art.  

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Innovation and Trainings

Justice and Peace Makers Space Innovations Lab Fellowship (coming soon)

Resilience Rising: facilitated workshops and training designed for leaders, teams, women, youth etc. in conflict transformation, storytelling, media making, advocacy, community building, and much more

The Frame Design Process: Design thinking for those directly impacted by violence and oppression. A deep listening process that moves from discovery to design to implementation.  An experiential and participatory process that moves participants from problem to listening to design to solution. 


Our Tools

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Implementing design thinking and participatory processes we create strategies for change.  Whatever the problem you are trying to solve: strategic communications campaigns, organizational program design, media/PR, behavioral change campaigns, peacebuilding interventions, or launching a new concept you are working on. 

Our approach and methodology is always participatory, experiential and user- centered design.  Our tools are visual facilitation, graphic recording, user-centered design, participatory video, games, prototyping etc. 



capacity building AND TRAINING

We are facilitators and trainers that build capacity and facilitate change. We lead large groups like conferences or organizations in a facilitated process, we convene teams or that help build community capacity to lead.  Using graphic facilitation and user centered design strategies we have led workshops on: transformative leadership, mobilizing, organizing, advocacy, digital activism, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and more. Whether its launching a new campaign or project, training organizational and community leaders in peacebuilding and leadership or advancing policy, Activate Labs facilitates change. 

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We leverage design, strategic communications and technology to help tell the story of transformation.  Our innovative and creative team use digital media, transmedia storytelling, graphic design, media relations, public relations, graphic recording, participatory media to launch and support organization and movements to tell their story of transformation, hope and action.